September 13 – Day in Review


Library – took out books

Science – learning about ECOSYSTEMS

Math – best class ever – we finished Figure Me Out (*Due tomorrow)

LA – Reading Quiz

**Free Hot Dog, Chips and Drink for Lunch**

SS – Map Quiz


            Band – started playing instruments

            Art – Finished up Portfolio

            Digital Art – We drew computer applications and labeled them


            Woods – A LONG test about safety

            TEC – Destination Imagination – Marshmallow Challenge

            Home EC – We learned about sewing equipment


Boys VB Tryouts today

Girls VB tryouts tomorrow


September 12, 2016 Day in Review

It’s a new year in 709 and a group of new kids.  What a great way to get the year started.

I look forward to everything that we will learn this year.

Here is what they did:

Math – Started “figure Me Out” math

Coding – Intro and did an Unplugged Activity

Science –  Getting to Know you quiz

SS – Continued our Survey

Math –  Continued “Figure Me Math”


  • Band – Clapped rhythms
  • Art – Started Portfolio
  • Digital Art – Drawing Castles

LA – Bingo

Physed – Mat Ball and 9 min Run.





709 Day In Review – October 22nd

October 22nd

Hello Parents. Here is an outline of what happened today at school.
This is going to support the daily reflection that you already get from your child.

Physed – We played Mission Impossible and then Dodgeball
Language Arts – We worked on our scary stories.
Science – We worked on our animal posters.
Math – Started Fractions – review of basics – what is a fraction, writing fractions, adding same denomenator fractions

Social Studies – We talked about Maps –
Language Arts – We read books and then wrote
Practical Arts:
Woods – We finished our drawings
Tech – We had a catapult challenge
Home Ec – We made pancakes.

**There is no school tomorrow. Please do not come to school. No one will be here.**

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Today was the first day as a class.

We spent time in the classroom talking and getting to know each other.

We had a meeting in the gym.

The afternoon was shortened classes and then we had JAWSS.

Monday is regular school.

Monday at 7:15 am – Boys Tier 1 and Tier 2 Volleyball.

Monday at 3:30 – Girls Tier 1 and Tier 2 Volleyball.

??There might be Cross Country as well at 3:30 for a few minutes.

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